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War in Europe: Russia versus NATO

In this article we will discuss the history of this war as it began and the current situation as of July 2023 in the midst of this battle.

First you must start with December 2013-Janurary 2014 before any fighting started. There were reported lack of essential food sources, power sources, heating and cooling for the most Eastern Regions- in this Example Donbas. The leadership of towns in these regions, and most the population- had family in Russia, jobs I'm Russia, spoke Russian language, and practiced Russian Orthodox faith- in all senses they felt a deep connection to their neighbors. In early February the towns and leadership- feeling abandoned by Kyiv- who had gained a reputation as criminal in these regions- requested aid from neighboring Russia.

Russia delivers these critical things to Donbas and other regions, which created circumstances for the citizens to ask about a possible annexation into Russia- which Russia rejected explicitly. Sparking 2 referendum votes by the Donbas region to leave Ukraine- and become an independent nation and Region. This is when the "little green men" reported by western media to be Russia soliders, enter the picture.

Unassigned troops with no insignia began to climb fences over military bases, collect weapons from storage facilities, operate road blocks- under the claim of the Donbas Republic Amry- a militia army of sorts made up of Donbas Citizens. But Western Propaganda- proven so- similar to the ghost of Kyiv later on- connected these Russian speaking citizens to Russia itself, which was false. There was nearly no fighting in the initial start, just tense standoffs. One example is when these "Donbas Republic Army" troops captured a port forcing the ships crew to shelter inside for their safety- until a Vice News Reporter- ignoring commands by soliders- approached the ship to speak to the Captain and gave an interview.

These first days were remarkable, and the intelligence of what was happening so mixed and mismatched that the true story of the start of this war is impossible to see- clouded by a smoke screen of propaganda from both sides. We cannot see who the good guys are here, but we do know who the true victims are- the people of the Donbas region.

Later on when the shooting did begin, it sadly wasn't troops fighting troops- but started with orders from Kyiv to shell Eastern cities already suffering from lack of resources- which was the start of the no man's land which stood in place for nearly a decade- until February 2022.

Leading up to the events of February 2022- the actual conflict between Russia and Ukraine remained mostly to militia groups of both sides shooting from broken houses. But between 2017-2021 new leaders began to take hold in Ukraine, specifically military. One of these military leaders, a leader of a Azoz group of "insurgency hunters" was reported going from town to town, executing police officers, mayor's, and anyone they consider collaborators.

These accused held family in both Ukraine and Russia- Russia families some important demanded greater action to "assit Donbas" which Putin began to plan his "special operation" as so labeled by the Kremlin.

It's an important set of circumstances that neither side will ever give you the truth on. The people who know the real truth- are those being killed and displaced as we speak- those Eastern Ukrainian people who just wanted some help and started a conflict that now sees bombs hitting Moscow.

Could you imagine asking for help and it starts WWIII? You were cold in winter and now have to die for trying to be warm?

There's no good guys in this waste, just victims.

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