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Welcome to the UFO Report, where we bring you the latest news and updates on the unidentified flying objects phenomenon. Today, we have a special report on the recent congressional hearings on UFOs, or UAPs, as they are officially called by the Pentagon. What did the lawmakers learn from the witnesses, and what are the implications for the public? Let’s find out.

The House Oversight Committee’s national security subcommittee held its first open briefing on UAPs on Wednesday, July 26, 2023. The hearing featured three witnesses: David Grusch, a former military intelligence officer and whistleblower; Ryan Graves, a former Navy pilot who encountered UAPs multiple times; and David Fravor, another former Navy pilot who had a close encounter with a UAP in 20041.

The witnesses shared their personal experiences and insights on the UAP issue, and urged Congress to take it seriously and demand more transparency from the executive branch. Grusch made some of the most sensational claims, alleging that he was informed of a “multi-decade UAP crash retrieval and reverse engineering program” during his work at the Pentagon, but was denied access to it. He also said he had interviewed officials who had direct knowledge of aircraft with “nonhuman” origins, and that “biologics” were recovered from some craft2.

Grusch’s testimony was met with skepticism and curiosity by some lawmakers, who asked him to provide more details and evidence to support his allegations. Grusch said he would provide a list of names and places to check for evidence at the end of the hearing. He also said he could not disclose more information in an open setting, and suggested a closed-door session for further discussion2.

Graves and Fravor focused more on their own encounters with UAPs, describing how they observed objects that defied the laws of physics and aerodynamics, and how they posed a potential threat to national security and aviation safety. They also expressed frustration with the lack of response and follow-up from their superiors and the military hierarchy. They called for more resources and attention to be devoted to studying and understanding the UAP phenomenon1.

The hearing lasted for about two hours, and was attended by several members of both parties. The lawmakers expressed interest and concern about the UAP issue, and asked various questions to the witnesses. Some of them also expressed dissatisfaction with the level of cooperation and disclosure from the executive branch, especially after the release of a preliminary report on UAPs by the Office of the Director of National Intelligence in June 20231.

The report acknowledged that UAPs are a real and unexplained phenomenon, but did not offer any definitive conclusions or explanations for their nature or origin. The report also said that more data and analysis are needed to better understand the UAP issue.

The hearing was one of the first steps taken by Congress to investigate the UAP issue in a more public and formal way. It was also a rare opportunity for the public to hear directly from some of the people who have firsthand knowledge and experience with UAPs. However, it also raised more questions than answers, and left many people wondering what else is being hidden or withheld by the government.

That’s all for today’s UFO Report. Thank you for reading, and stay tuned for more updates on this fascinating topic. Good night.

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