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Trump charged but YOU on Trial

Updated: Aug 28, 2023

President Donald. J Trump, 45th President of these United States and a candidate for the current elections to become the 47th President of these United State- is facing 91 total criminal charges from various front across the nation at one single time- all from politically motivated actors. You may ask, can Trump face these people inside the courts of law and win victory?

In the 4 years of the Trump Presidency, we saw insurrection, riots, beating, killings, assassinations, businesses attacked and burned, families chased from their homes by angry mobs- and thats just the supporters. From baseball field shooter on June 14th, 2017, an old couple dragged from their car and beaten to near death in Seattle for a sticker, people firebombing and attacking GOP merchandise sellers, shooting and killing GOP doorknockers, even just killing in cold blood random men in red hats that even appeared to resemble a MAGA hat. With the Leaders of this radical violent movement of traitors who desire the death of our nation, we have Maxine Waters who called for insurrection in every city, Nancy Pelosi leader of the house who said people should be rebelling in every city. There were actors like Johnny Depp who joked with fans "when was the last time an actor killed a president" calling back to the first Republican President Lincoln who was assassinated by a deranged criminal actor aligned with the democratic party and its treasonous ways. Inside the Agencies we had falsified FISA warrants, agents fired for coordinating with the Clinton Campaign to push a political narrative knowing it wasn't real, media compliant in these stories making them in some cases as a favor for the party itself.

We saw a change in the United States none of us expected, especially us conservatives. WE expected on that fateful November day in 2015, when that sun rose- a new better America. A happier America, a more affordable America, an America that had true purpose again. What we didn't expect was the all out rebellion and treason from the losing party which would expand into literal war like aggression. After all I've said, after years of you fearing to travel in case of highway mobs who may attack your family, years of your city burning, years of seeing visions of the apocalypse before your eyes- after all that- January 6th. A protest by the side they hate, lead by the leader they need dead. Americans, countrymen, people THEY represent even if they are opposite party. A LEGITMATE LEGAL question of the security of this election before power was so quickly transferred. A REASONABLE DEMOCRATIC request, instead- it was met with gunfire. It was met with bombs and shields and bats. Instead of hearing THE PEOPLE they sprayed them in the face with chemicals and demanded their silence.

Ashley Babbit- Ashley Babbit was murdered in cold blood- cold blood INSIDE THE HALLS OF CONGRESS. A message that should strike fear into any citizen of these United States. Killing, flying helicopters buzzing protesters on the ground- risking chopping them into mush. Bringing military units to acts as law enforcement- build fences- force the President into "Protective Custody" at the White House, and then transfer power by the force of the gun and death. That was the coup, and that was just part 1.

More than 1066 people have been rounded up, arrested, charged and many placed in "education programs" to "rehabilitate them" because of the events surrounding Jan 6th- including now the President of the United States and anyone who decided to represent him legally in any fashion. His lawyers have been politically disbarred in some cases, and criminally arrested to ensure representation is intimidated. In Oregon Republicans are not allowed to run for office again after their term ends, in Michigan the GOP party leadership was rounded up and arrested by State Officers. Democrats have discussed things ranging from the death penalty for President Trump, wishing he would die in jail, nuking Republicans as President Biden says, and even as far as expelling and banning as Republicans from all office as said by Cori Bush of Missouri.

And now after New York Charges with hints of accusations at the 2016 election being fraudulent to question the Trump Presidency in the first place, Federal Charges questioning his authority and authentic sitting as President, and now Georgia trying to protect themselves from all questions of these actions we discussed here.

The Georgia Charges are a big game changer for anyone really paying attention, not because its location, not because what they accuse, not because any reason the media and social media puppets tell you- its different because the charges were leaked BEFORE the Grand Jury voted- lets make that clear- BEFORE the Grand Jury voted. They understand and knew the charges were going to land, because they designed it that way. The Grand Jury doesn't matter, it didn't matter in the first place. Trump WAS going to be charged. He was always going to be, he IS going to jail- a trail doesn't matter. And they will find a way to end him- be it physically, politically, or something sinister. The question you should ask yourself- what happens when you do nothing? You think they are arresting and holding 70-year-old cancer patients in prison cells and they won't come for you? You voted against them. You didn't give them your money. You took power from them. Trump? You think they care about Trump? He's not the most brilliant man, not the strongest, not the fastest, not the most inspirational speaker- why him? Because it's not him- it's YOU on Trial. YOU are charged, YOU are accused- and when they convict him and jail him- they will hunt every one of us down for supporting him- the same way they would if you helped the cartel. Make no mistakes- your life IS on the line. Make the right decision and wake up to the reality.

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