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Terrorist Group releases Hostage Photos

In a remarkable Era of US politics, after decades of fighting a war on terror across the globe- it has now found its way to power inside the very heart of the nation whose mission it was to stop. In the late 20th century to the early 21st we live in now- we have seen terror groups, warlords, tyrants, dictators and madman capture US soliders, and parade their kill through the streets and in TV. A demoralization tactic used to put fear into we the people. Attacking our children, soft targets, and at the height 9/11. But today, it's not a threat from outside we face, but our own.

President Donald Trump 45th President of these United States has officially been taken hostage, prisoner, by a radical terrorist organization that is inspiring deep fear and resentments to the United States domestically. This was the equivalent of their 9/11, to knock down a monument and strike fear into your soul for surrender. For retribution for acting against them. Never in my life could i imagine we would see images of a President held under threat by enemy forces- HERE inside these United States.

You watched as those beheading videos from the Taliban came to us decades ago, and now you watch as a President is beheaded in front of you- and there is nothing- NOTHING- you can do to stop it. No troops going to save him, no armies marching to free him, no diplomacy.

It feels like complete surrender, but do you? Do you surrender?

I know what President Trump says, Never Surrender, do you intend to take listen to his advice? Or fail and fail yourself?

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