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Technocracy Versus Communism

The entire world of human society heading to a new age, an age of automation, 3D printing, AI robotics and computing, machine learning, self driving cars and many more. This to some brings in the fears of utopia ideological systems which resulted in millions dead by war or hunger, of communism. But these 2 systems are vastly different.

Communism is sometimes thought of as the opposite of Capitalism- this is incorrect. In fact is the most concentrated form of Capitalism where only the state is allowed to be Capitalist. Currency is required, jobs required, workers unions etc. These things are critical to a communist structure of economic development and power structures. In a technocracy these ideas are not true.

Technocracy is a world, while wild as it seems, that seems to be approaching vastly. And the fears that echo with the word communism are not needed. In this structure currency isn't needed at all, because you have no job, because resources are readily available amd collected by automation. Mini factories in your home as 3D printers to produce what you need, such as car parts, toys, food ware, electronics etc. This isn't communism, and is in fact the most extreme version of indivual freedom that could exist.

In the end we must ensure the dreams of communism do not impede on the technological advancements of our society, to hold us back- just as must not let Capitalism do the same. We must advance- not because it's good or right- but instead because we must survive as a species.

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