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State of the Party

I have entered the arena of politics, and with my own eyes seen our Republican party in action, its candidates in action. I have attended the campaign stops and even had the pleasure to speak. I met some excellent candidates such as Chris Wright for Governor, Will Scharf for Attorney General, Dennis Hoskins for Secretary of State, and Lori Rook for Treasurer. But I met others who showed deep unprofessionalism, immaturity and lacked clarity of the offices they run for and the mental disposition needed to run them. Candidates that their sitting in these seats feels like neglect, and injustice. These are con-men who desire nothing but their own power, jackals that walk among us.

I will not name them, nor their actions- actions you have likely seen on video at a campaign event. Of men who hold positions arguing, other recording and giggling for political gain, and others sharing it to media for fun. I witnessed a party that cannot stand if it continues this way, that will fall and collapse into to dust before we can even reach Novembers election if we chose the wrong people. A party of leaders who think of this as a game, or a joke. Who make women cry and sit idly by and do nothing to comfort them.

These candidates are a reflection of our party, a reflection of what the future will look like, and how successful our movement will be.

I ask now for you to consider what I have said here, to think about our future not only as a party, but a state, a nation, and a people. To have leadership that we deserve, leadership that God stands beside. Meeting these local committees I saw dedicated family men, mothers, grandmothers, friends and family- neighbors. Regular people that are ill represented by some of these actors we call "republicans" within our leadership ranks.

I ask you now to consider deeply the candidates I did mention, Chris Wright, Will Scharf, Dennis Hoskins, and Lori Rook for their respective offices- as well as myself, James Snider, for Congress in Missouri District 8. I spoke personally to them, look into their eyes, spoke to them on a personal level- these are the ones who TRULY believe in this mission, this movement, this party, and this nation.

The state of our party is this, we chose the rights candidates this August 6th- or we won't get a chance to fix it again.

Thanks you, God Bless

James Snider

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