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Red Line

With another day passing of our President sitting on TV paraded around like a prisoner of war captured by enemy troops on international TV- many Americans I have spoke to, in places like Walmart, Churches, Gas Stations. Many I have interacted with on social media like Clubhouse, and X Spaces. Many I have overheard while listening to their conversations at the check-out, sitting at lunch tables inside McDonalds, Burger King. Inside Sports bars- with every TV showing images of President Trump in court facing the most damaging case against him yet. The question I've heard over and over and over- "What is the line that we don't let them cross"

The elitest members of our party who live in California and New York, coastal out of touch Republicans who assume the leadership of our party cannot hear these people, they don't see us, they don't even really care what we have to say at all. I am writing this as a warning, not a threat, that the people I speak to are on the brink, the edge of something huge. The outrage within the communities, the desire to physically correct this direction of leadership, the willingness to openly in public space- discuss taking up arms, rebellion of the states, and even revolution. The people on the ground are fed up, they are organizing like never before seen and its reached a point of critical danger for the safety and security of the United States, our union and we the people.

I have found myself in discussions asking these questions myself, as most Americans have- is there a line that if crossed we take up arms to fight against it? Is it when they lock us in our homes? Is it when they close your church? Is it when they beat you silent and take your money? Is it when they shoot you in the halls of congress dead and celebrate your corpse? Is it when they surgically remove the genitals of little boys? Is it when they sexually destroy the genitals of little girls on islands hidden away? Is it when the FBI is used to stop your vote and empower a specific political party? Is it when they take your President and parade him through your streets, showing you their kill?

I have no idea what the line is, and with so much that has passed I have no way to predict what the line will be or why. But I do know, once that line IS crossed, things will move extremely fast. And once crossed- there is no return back from it. I only hope we can survive such a situtation as a nation and government. That we can preserver through it- but I worry, as many do today, that this DNC we have no- as the elder generation passes, is moving not only into a autocratic system- but one of political oppression and possibility even genocidal acts.

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