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President of Death: Rome and the USA

When the founders of our great nation formed what was the infant of what we became today, they had intentions to create a Rome 2.0, to take that successful structure and improve it. We have modeled our governance after their image, including a President where they had a Emperor. But with the mimicking of this old nation, we also took on their curses.

When the USA was built to model of the Roman Republic we included dictatorship clauses within the text the same way they had- called Marshall Law. Their emperor was elected, like our Presidents (selected not by popular vote but by Senate) and their influence like our own forced them to police the world around them. The Roman Republic had its deep issues internally, one of the biggest betrayal.

Betrayal in this Republic was not because the people, but instead because the Structure of this government, and because we have taken their image- betrayal is part of ours as well. In in the first 5 Emperors of Rome- 2 were assassinated. These assassinations were not by lone crazy people, it was not enemy governments or nations, it was their own senators. Now this remarkable set of events saw to it that 33 Roman Emperors were either killed by their own senate, their own troops, or take prisoner by them and executed publicly. This is something we actively see happening within our own government as well. 4 Presidents have been assassinated, all claimed to be lone killers- but the disease matches the government we try to mimic- Rome.

We see that Presidents have been killed by conspiratorial traitors many times already, but now today we move into the 2nd stage of the Roman curse. Arresting Presidents, and sentencing them to a death behind bars or worse. These conspiracies never have ended peacefully, not for Rome, not for the conspiracy to kill King Charles the 1st, and not now. They lead to civil war, war lords rise up, criminals take over cities and chaos ensues. And we seem doomed to repeat this today. If we are to avoid this incoming fate of our society then we must become aware of these conspiracies- who do not wish to lead us, but to simply take power themselves. When you create a seat like Emperor or President- and leave it subject to extreme power change- it results in deadly consequences and power fights, up to and including terrorism and civil war.

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