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Politics to Prison Pipeline

Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. announced early today "Official criminal referral" from the Senate connected to testimony Dr Fauci gave in regards to COVID-19 gain of function research. This comes after many years of questions, investigations, and years of chaos following COVID-19. But this is not the first of such criminal referrals.

We have seen in recent years the largest of political figures face criminal indictment and prison time. Up to and including former and current Presidents and their families.

From President Trump, to Hillary Clinton- Hunter Biden to Trump Jr. We have seen leading political figures being hunted by the opposite sides. A shift in the way our government works- a dangerous shift.

Some of you may cheer and call it "accountability" and on some basic moral level you are correct. But are these matters best held in public court? For the entire world to witness and judge?

These case do not just include the largest names, but in cases like Michigan nearly the entire opposition leadership is facing felony criminal indictment. Is this a slippery slope that is impossible to stop? Is it to late to change course? At the very least we can be aware of these changes and learn to not support these ideas when given to us. To remember- we have an actual government to run- not clicks and likes on social media.

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