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My Congressional Run

I am running for Congress in Missouri District 8, as a Republican candidate, and would like to give you the voters some insight into who I am, and who you should be voting for. I grew up in the age of terrorism, before 9/11 and after it, as most alive today will remember. An age of peace shattered, for myself at a very young age, and the world around us become violent, mean, ugly while incompetent leaders think they can use money to replace their lack of wisdom and intelligence. Leadership of cowards scared to act, scared to speak, scared to be seen of heard- hiding away on the under belly of our government to powerful positions in order to secure their own wealth, like leaches on a turtle out of a creek. Trillions upon trillions every year now being spent, not to fix our problems, but instead to go in employee pockets, insurance, government cars, security, holiday pay, sick days, vacations. Instead of paying to fill a pot hole, they pay a man to drive around looking for potholes to fix, one day eventually- but he will never fill them all cause then, what job does he have? That is our current leadership, and leadership I cannot accept.

I waited for years, working inside the GOP as a campaign staffer and team leader looking for candidates I thought I could like, some I do but many I do not. They always lacked something, but most of all was conviction. They had a heart for the game, but not true concept of the weight of what role they are actually playing. When I would ask them on subjects such as our soldiers, stuck in warzones, or topics like Ukraine- I would get sneers or joking laughs back. When I would ask about personal security of our citizens, they would give me smiles with the talking points like robots. When I would ask about domestic national security at the border, they would say "we are working with Democrats to-". I find these unacceptable, to not understand your vote in history affects MILLIONS of Americans, or to think its funny.

I searched for years, and found one candidate I like- Donald J Trump. President of these United States 45, and upcoming 47. One man who had the wisdom of understanding the gravity of these choices, that people will die and death is not a joke to mock and take lightly. Sadly I saw those in my party slowly working against him, as President and now after. I saw what I consider traitors, in positions of leadership marking the ideals we hold dear as Americans as 2nd to their goals of "unity" with opposition. And decided I could wait no longer.

I saw the failure of leadership like Jason Smith the current Incumbent in the seat against me, saw failure in leadership like Mitch McConnell, and failure in the party structure itself- and instead of waiting for someone else to do the job to fix it, decided I would. That if no one else was going to step up, to fight for us like it is life and death, a person who is ready to defend Missouri, and America at great personal cost and risk- that instead of waiting, I would have to become that man. I am new to running for office, and I am no politician. I am a regular father of 4 kids, and husband to my beautiful wife, a faithful man of our lord, and a true believer in this nation and her divine righteous glory, and a believer that our government is NOT hopeless, but that it can be corrected.

I am asking for your vote, not for me, but for you. Vote for you by selecting my name August 6th 2024 for the GOP Primaries, shock the nation with your choice- create and upset across the media. And with my nomination to this for the General Election, you will see District 8 become a center piece on the roadmap for 2024 and beyond.

Thank you, God bless, and happy easter

James David Snider 3rd.

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