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July 4th-May 30th, 2024 USA

May 30th 2024 will be marked in history with infamy and sadness forever. Not as a day Mr. Trump was arrested and convicted- but that the PRESIDENT of the USA was kidnapped, held hostage, forced through a show trials- all while the rule of our law watched in silent compliance. The corner stone of America strength and the foundation of a country- its law enforcement and judicial system- weaponized and abused comparable only to the tyrant communists of the USSR and Maoist China. We have entered a doom spiral without an end, and what most will consider the 1st day in the 2nd Civil war- if war is to begin.

1,000s of Americans have been radicalized on this day- in multiple political directions causing a fire storm of partisans taking combat footing. Partisans fighting in the streets, terrorizing the citizens of nations is what created both world wars and will likely create the 3rd.

What we can hope for now, is that we can elect the correct leadership in positions across the country to fight back against the rising autocratic system sponsored by the globalist DNC. To cast out this occupational force from our government and expell them from the halls of power into the public sphere of shame.

There must be prosecutions of these actors who have worked in coordination to defraud and destroy the USA, the DNC must be rejected by all means and all voters.

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