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Gray World: The lobotomy of culture

In this cultural battle happening in many parts of the globe, claimed by some as anti-culture movements- it has turned into the dulling of society in order to not offend any single individual for any any reason. If your house is painted a color someone else doesn't like ? Forced to paint it gray to "match the block". If you have a sign that one person disagrees with- fines or arrest. Truck a little loud? How dare you not conform to the gray around you in the black and white pretend vans that replaced the classic family vans of the 90s. We see this with cities, small towns wipes out, even businesses once unique in their creation- now just clones of clones of clones to collect another gray dollar for their gray world.

This isn't a symptom of our society, our free nation was built to protect the individual from the opinion of the mobs. This is a cultural problem, of our melting pot turned sour by bad actors from within and without. Who hate the idea of a multicultural society, co-existing separately as family, and neighbors- and instead desires the medieval idea of cultural elimination. The propaganda of these individual groups is extremely strong, painting their Eugenic ideas as "progressive"- their progress is OUR elimination. Muslim, Jew, Christian, American, Russia- gone. They take offense to your loyalty to a single faith or national identity- they find your very beliefs to be offensive to the existence of their "superior" ideology. They don't even believe you should be allowed to find a wife, that you should even kill your own child. It's reminiscent of Prima Nocta, rumors of nobles in medieval times who would force themselves onto peasants wives on their wedding nights or kill/castrate the husband- to breed them away. Your blood is unworthy, for you are not "noble" in their minds.

So don't fall for the lies of snake when it slithered upon its belly to offer you a trade, a deal. You may find honest men have words that hurt your ears, but that pain is less than the betrayal of a liar you trusted. You know what you'll get and what to expect with am honest man, even a vile one.

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