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Federal Clash: Congress Versus SCOTUS

Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito’s recent interview with the Wall Street Journal has caused a backlash from Democrats who believe in creating legislative control over the courts. Alito asserts that congress has "No authority" over SCOTUS, and democrats assert otherwise. Both are correct and incorrect.

There is a clear separation of powers between the judicial and legislative branches, including the Supreme Court, allowing the courts to operate without interference from politicians. But this does NOT mean that congress has no authority over the courts as asserted by Alitos.

Congress makes the laws, devises and edits amendments to the constitution, and is what gives the courts authority. Without congress the court has none. The Supreme Court is yes, independent in operation to deciding matters, but their decisions MUST be based in what congress has passed- not outside it.

So while both sides are correct, they are also incorrect and do no favors to restoring the trust of these systems back into the people. These systems are intended to operate together- not in opposition and until that order is restored, trust will remain low.

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