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Death of a King: Political Assassination

President Trump now faces additional federal charges, accused of disinformation and obstruction of official proceedings. This move is unprecedented and poses one of the single greatest dangers this country has seen since the beginning of the initial Civil War.

We have clearly moved into an age of political warfare and the normal governance we all became used to is gone. Our parties were intended to operate together with resistance for the will of the United States- now they operate instead trying to use the US government for their own power grabs- and we see this with the lack of criminal charges for individuals like Maxine Waters who incited riots for nearly 4 years. Pelosi who called for rebellion against Trump, illegal fisa warrants, FBI conspiracies to launch a coup against sitting Presidents, and now even arresting Trump multiple times in a demoralization war game.

It makes you wonder what happens next, how dark can this get? Can Trump win- and if they go this far now- what will they do when he becomes President 47?

The mistake these people make, they forget power swings both ways- and their current actions could be seen within a few years- as Treason

This all reminds me of the execution of King Charles 1st, who was betrayed by Puritans who overthrew him governance and attempted to form their own- they were eventually themselves found guilty of treason and executed. These progressives are essentially Cromwells Puritans all over again- with progressive Puritan ideas instead of religious ones.

A set of events that seems to mimic our own.

Instead of Cromwells witch finders, progressive cancel culture. Instead of rules around witch crafts-Diversity Equity and Inclusion rules. From burning down entire towns they felt were corrupted, to executing those they felt were "unholy" or today "bigots"

For a group who hates religious extremes, they themselves display every sign of religious extremism more dangerous than any to date. Are they aware of this? Or to blinded by ideology?

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