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In the US a massive political agenda has been unleashed in a frontal assault against the people of the nation. Millions of foreign entities, businesses, and citizens have implanted themselves and their foreign allegiance- into our system of power. They fight not for the best well being of America, our government, or our people- but instead work as actors for their nation of origin. They hold a loyalty to a government other than our own, and represent foreign countries in an occupation of our God bless land. They hate our flag, our anthem, our constitution, our rights, our freedom, and our faith in the lord above and his divine guidance of this free world.

These powers have taken a strangle onto the congress, senate, judges, white house, and federal agencies. We have world government like the UN laying down orders upon the United States, our President not the leader- but people we have never heard of, in countries across the world, centralized against the interests of Americans. We must fight back

We will vote in the hills

We will vote in the streets

We will vote on the beaches

We will NEVER surrender!

James Snider MO 8 Republican Candidate

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