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Climate Change: Hoax or Fact

This issue is so very complex and filled with various political propaganda machines that for the average person like myself- who barley cared enough to hear the proselytizing doomsday cults street preaching the middle of the road- it can be a topic that you don't even care to get the real information- but we will go over it anyway.

So first, let's ask what these traffic terrorists have been claiming with their "end is near" signs- they make the claim that climate change is an impending doomsday that will wipe out great sections of the world- headed by human action, resource allocation and overall Industrial expansion. That our cars, phones, even cheese burgers will end the world as we know it. A fantastic claims of wild proportion- but if true one must say "oh no, what can we do to stop this!"

So we first look to see, have these events happened before in human history and pre-history. The answer is yes, before the first cow was tamed or cheese burger made there was climate change and massive change events. Some of which most recently, the ending of the ice age and the extinction of Megafauna. There is said by archeological evidence to be between 5-7 distinct climate events over 2 million years since modern humans were birthed into the world. That is before industrialization.

So we can conclude, yes Climate Change is in fact real and large change events do threaten us and our very way of life. But to conclude human cause remains unproven by all measures of academia. The arguments that we must slow down our technology in order to "stop" weather events implies we can attain a mastery of weather itself. We cannot, we should not waste resources to even try. You don't build to stop a tornado, just to survive it.

So what we must do without any doubt in my mind, in preparation for the natural climate events that will inevitably happen- is collect resources as fast as possible. To advance as fast as possible- to ensure we get these limited vital elements before they become inaccessible due to unforeseen Earthly changes we cannot predict- even at the cost the cost of preserving nature. We should stop focusing on saving Earth- and focus on saving life as we know it instead- especially humanity. Earth WILL die, life- doesn't have to die with it.

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